27 November 2014

I is Stress.

What to do bila kita stress kawan2??? Yebetol. Kita beli baju baru, tudung baru dan charm baru. Kemudian? *terbang riang*

17 November 2014

Hoi! Aku Busy Gilerh Hoi!

Okay dah sebulan tak update pape! Busy gilak! Weekend akan dipenuhi dengan masa bersama Hubby (^_^) weekdays kerja kerja kerja bertimbun (-.-)
Pembuka Bismillah  dengan Exam PT3 kat sekolah (Kena marks paper student)
Habis je nanda PT3, terus kena jaga SPM pulak.
Sambil2 jaga SPM, selaku Pentaksir Kawasan pergi check+marks paper anak2 hayam di bawah kelolaan ku.
Habis je mentaksir dan modefikasi markah, sambung pulak dengan mesyuarat Marking SPM BI.
Sempat, okay! Sempat jap mak menyelinap pegi Vietnam. Kali ni iols pegi dengan cousin je.
Hubby ku telah mengeluarkan ayat SENTAP MAK NAK.
Lepas balik dari trip Ho Chi Minh (HCMH) yang bershopping sakan tu, aku pun melahirkan hasrat nak pegi HCMH lagi nanti. Sekali...
"Abang ni asyik kena tinggal je. Xde, lepas ni B xleh pegi kalau Abang tak ikut"
Haaaa.... Maka aku pon terus duduk bersimpuh rapi *sobsob*

24 September 2014


YMe: Abg, cable B da tak betul la sometimes charging tak masuk
Abg: Its ok B simpan cable tu nanti balik Abg tolong betulkan (since he's so good in fixing things)
Me: I don't think so
Abg: Why?
Me: B tried charging it was not functioning so i threw it to the wall. Its totally broken now.
Abg: Can't help it (-_-)
Me: I already bought a new one😐
Abg: .............. Oh.

21 September 2014

What Is The Toughest Job On Earth?

Being a navy's wife! Seriously. Don't ever mess with them because they are definitely not vulnerable and can kick your arse extremely hard if they have to. I do not have a chance to meet my husband for 27 days and it surely feels like I'm in piles of shit. Deeply in it. I don't know how other wives do this and they seem perfectly strong! But here I am impotent, feeble and like in a deep 'tahi kucing lembut'. Damn. I thought it was going to be easy! But it is not!!!

Shit. This is hard, okay! We have never been away from each other since we get married. 2 weeks tops and no longer than that. And now it is almost a month. I don't know how I survive this crazy life. I know my husband hates it too! I am tortured, mentally and emotionally. I thought I was strong but I am undoubtedly not!

I admire those who can carry on their lives, raising and delivering kids, miscarriage, accident, hospitalised, alone and their husband is not around. They are beyond awesome. Husband, please appreciate and IT IS NOT EASY TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU HERE BESIDE ME (T_T)

This is ridiculous. BLERGH!
Okayla I depress jom shopping Fareeda release stress. #eh!

19 September 2014

Buckle Up For The Next Trip!

Because we (my cousin and me) already book the tickets, so this month and next month I HAVE TO SAFE MY MONEY. For god sake! I worship that word almost every day so that I won't forget it! This is so freaking hard! Saving your money...! Save your money...! (T_T)

17 September 2014

Dear My Favourite Girls...

You don't know how comfy you are
You don't know how happy I am
You don't know how strong our relationships are
But you know who you are

Knowing you girls are blessed from God
Not relatives and not related by blood
When we are together we act like an idiot
We share the good and we share the odd

I write this poem to express my feeling
Since I am the person who are not good in talking
No sorry no thanks thats our pinky promising
Hope this relationship will neverending

Mira. Juni. Lia. Reunited Netballers. Mang. Afet. Inas. Amira. Rai. Wanie. Mami (Eh)

14 September 2014

Kenapa Saya Suka Berblogging?

Tak lah saya takde la suka berblogging sangat pon. Saya tulis blog sebab bosan je. Hahaha

P/S: Sebab rasa berdosa yang tak pernah putus, akhirnya ku bagi hint2 suruh Hubby bace blog so skang da bace da tak rasa berdosa sangat da.
Hubby, bila nak luluskan borang permohonan kredit kad I??? I wanna have one.... :(

07 September 2014


I don't know how to describe things beyond sadness but life without you is like that (T_T)
Abang, cepatlah balik...

27 August 2014

Hubby Sails After 3 Years.

Okay so now I have ample time to update my blog! I am so so so bored! Woah! Usually, he'll me with me for the whole day. I can whatsapp, call, bbm etc etc but not now, not today! He starts his first sail after 3 years (more or less). And he was like sireh pulang ke gagang since he got his previous ship. I thought I would be okay but I was obviously wrong. I AM NOT OKAY. I miss him like crazy. This feeling is so so unbearable. 😭😭😭

11 August 2014

Hubby, Please Forgive Me...

Dear the sweetest Husband on Earth,

One fine day, you will read this post. I just want to tell you this. Yesterday, I lied to you. Masa tu kita nak siap2 pegi raya rumah Mak Long. B keluarkan baju Jovian yang baru je sampai hari Jumaat (Masa tu B mintak izin keluar pergi Bahau tapi tak cakap pergi post office ambik baju ni). Then you asked me,
"Macam tak pernah nampak je baju ni?"
And I replied,
"Eh, adelah Abang je tak perasan"
And I couldn't look into your eyes! Kalau tak sure kantoi tipu. Lepas tu cepat2 Baby gi masuk toilet, mandi. Wuwuwu. Tapi sebenarnya baju tu bukan baju lama. Memang baju baru pon. Niat B nak beli untuk hari raya haji tapi dah terpakai pulak! So, I should buy a new one la kot for Hari Raya Haji *ops*
I am so sorry, Hubby... As you know, I am a fan of Jovian. Then, ada sale! Then, ada my friend yang nak tolong belikan. What a waste kalau tak beli, kan?! RM420 jadi RM294. Murah, kan! See. Hubby pon setuju. So, Baby memang patut beli, kan?! *feeling guilty*

Hehehe. Or else Hubby memang tau kot tu baju baru tapi Hubby buat2 tak tau je. B rasa Hubby memang ada 6th sense kalau pasal ME. Usually Hubby akan cepat je tau kalau B beli barang baru.

Contoh, masa B gi Fareeda. I told you Baby gi sana beli untuk my friends and cousin. I bought 5 new designs then when you asked
"B beli berapa untuk B?"
I replied,
"Beli 1 je, stakat ni"
Then you asked
I was like... (T_T)
Actually semua yang Baby beli tu 1 je untuk my cousin, the other 4 are for me tapi macam tak tau nak cakap macam mana. Niat pergi nak beli 1 or 2 je untuk kawan2 selebihnya tapi kan bila dah sampai sana jadi terbalik! Actually kalau x nak pakai boleh je jual balik tapi kan Baby macam nak pakai semua. Tsk! Tapi I nak beli GoPro! Tapi nak shopping benda lain jugak. Homaigod!

Here I present you the guilty Gabby by Jovian.

p/s: Really sorry, Hubs. But I can't say "never again". Love you! 

13 July 2014

Happy Bornday!

Hello, everyone! Today is my birthday. Since I am going back in the morning and we are fasting, husband prepares surprise a day before during our break fast *happy as a clam*. He even wrote me cards. The celebrations were combination of our Anniversary and my Birthday. So I get 2 cards! *overwhelming* He even bought me roses. Can you believe it??? *By the way, he didn't buy it but ask Miza (one of my friend) to help him.

Husband can be so sweet at certain time. *Rolling eyes* I was speechless yesterday. I didn't expect anything! Million thanks husband for his effort and time to make me feel appreciated. May our love will be last forever till Jannah. You will always be my lifelong partner, my buddy, my best friend, my souldmate, and my partner in crime. Whatever happen in our life, I pray that you will stay. #ILYTJ :)

11 July 2014

How Many Times Should We See Dentist In A Year?

Or I should ask...
When did the last time you see a dentist? Most of Malaysian didn't care about their teeth until they are aching. According to the review from the Faculty of Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, seeing dentist twice a year will work well for most of the people. However, some of them may need more than that. Your dentist will help you to check the problem and treat it. Early check up will help you to find early sign of disease or problems.

Dental visit are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gum. Between those visits, it is important for us to keep the gum clean and health. Parents should inculcate oral care habits in children and set example of good dental care to them. For example, encourage their kids of brushing teeth twice daily for the best oral health.

As for me, I will go to dentist twice a year. I have been doing this since I was 18. When we were in school, the government provides school dental care FOR FREE where the dentists and nurses will come and check your teeth, give advice on how to take care of it and fix all the problem you have.

I wrote this entry because I was teaching in my class when a hygienist came and ask for my permission to take my students to their clinic. You know what happen? This one particular boy, who always 'berlagak samseng' refused to go to see the dentist! And even worst, he went to hide in the toilet and ran around school when his classmate tried to get him to the clinic (T_T)

In fact, most of my students HATED hygienist and dentist. Hello, people! Wake up! Go and do the regular check up, wear braces while its still free and cheap!
The result of regular check up and Oral B (Cheese!)

06 July 2014

Happy Anniversary, Hubby!

Thank you for these 2 wonderful years! I am absolutely blissful to be married to a charming guy like you. Keep up with my mood, shopping madness, crazy ideas and etc etc. Thanks sebab selalu faham B, pinjamkan telinga untuk dengar masalah B, rungutan B (mostly pasal kerja), bawak B jalan2, makan2 tempat best, teman B shopping berjam jam but still bertahan and tolong pilih semua benda yang B nak beli, tolong drive since B malas gila nak drive, dan BALIK JUMPA B EVERY WEEK.

Thanks sebab mengorat B dulu2. Kalau tak, kita xkan jadi macam sekarang. Even you were not romantic at all (at the beginning). Hubby, what I love most about you is I can see the love in your eyes every time I look at it. There are so much love for me. I know I can't thank you enough for all the things that you give to me but still I want to thank you. I wake up everyday and be grateful because God has given to me YOU. US is the best thing in my life. Thank you for being here beside me and make my life worth living.

04 July 2014

Checklist For The Next Trip!

WHERE TO? *top secret!*
Last minutes plan! Oh my, Ayah! My Dad is always like that. Diam2 je then all of sudden... So we will be celebrating Eid Mubarak somewhere not in Malaysia! Since tempat kitorang nak pergi ni tengah summer, so tak payah berat2 bawak winter coat *Clue! Clue!*
Kalau dulu pergi mana2 checklist untuk sorang, sekarang checklist untuk barang Hubby pon perlu,okay!

-Money (Euro)
-Credit Card

-Baju Raya!
-Light sweater
-Swim suit

-Milo 3 in 1
-Universal Adaptor
-Phone charger
-Sunblock/lip balm
-Water bottle
-Make up
-Chilli Sauce : Due to some reading, people there love to eat food without sauce

Done! Lets start counting days!

03 July 2014


All of sudden this song pop up in my head
"Look at the stars and how they shine for you"
And this song reminds me of you. I miss those moment when we were laying on the beach, holding hands, having heart to heart conversation while watching stars. A day like no other. I miss you. Come back safely.

23 June 2014

Get Trolled By My Husband....

So here the story goes... I had to go to school on Saturday *wei Bangla pun cuti wei!* Damn it! Damn it! 
Hubby was at home accompanying my mom to do this and that went to market etc etc etc *menantu kesayangan bluek!*
After all the house chores finished he got too bored and can't handle it so he sent this text to me. 

I was on my way back when I received this message. Luckily it was just a joke. If not, meraung2 aku! I can't imagine my Fareeda, Aidijuma, Bawal Exclusive, straightly go to washing machine. No! Not ever! I don't even trust the laundry service apetah lagi washing machine. I once sent my Fareeda to dry clean but since the laundry here was so stupid they destroyed the visor so since that saya taubat sangat2. Dobi hanya untuk baju kurung je. I am so particular about my things. My mom pon tau how fussy I am when it is about my hand bags, Baju kurungs, shoes, and scarfs. Thank god he was joking or otherwise... Funny dalam ngeri. Kbye!

19 June 2014

To Replace The Old Samsung...

Hello guys! I am not a fan of Apple *tipu!*. Lol. I have been using Mac since ages but iPhone never turn me on. Lately, you know what happen in KRABI, right. Yeah. The unforgettable moment! My phone broke down because of the salt water! *sobs*. Then, since the repairing is costly like crazy, I bout a new phone. Yeehaa! And its iphone5s with waterproof housing *hamekaw* My review? Its pretty expensive. Well, most of Apple products are but I’m satisfied enough with it. It can sync easily with my MBA, too. Therefore, I love love love it to the max! Kind of regret I realize all of these right now.

The screen is not as wide as my previous Samsung but that is so not going to be a problem. The resolution is seriously beyond awesome. My friend told me 
“Aya, sebenarnya gambar barang yang diorang jual ni tak lawa pon (refer to the online shop) tapi phone ko buat pic ni nampak lawa.” Awwwww! *ilovemyiphone!* 
By the way, since I start using Apple, this brands never fails me though. I even hasut2 my bff to buy Macbook and finally he/she has one! #happy2themoon! I don't care what other people say about iPhone. The most important thing is I LOIKE IT! 

18 June 2014

Unforgettable Krabi Trip.

May 2014
(First day)
Home to KLIA2
Flight kitorang pukul 7.00 pagi so disebabkan ktorang tak nak susahkan family, ktorang decide nak pegi awal dan stay je tunggu kat KLIA2. Gagah pulak kan nak bangun pagi2 semata2 nak gi airport pagi2 buta ala2 sahur tu. Aku dengan backpack yang berat 8kg ni pun jalan la kaki dari rumah ke main road. Dah nak sampai tu, baru perasan duit aku semua notes RM100 takde small change. Kepala hotak sangat nak naik bas bayar pakai RM100 ko hengat ni stesen minyak???
So aku pon pergila tukar duit kat kedai depan rumah aku.
Aku: Acik, saya nak tukar duit RM100
Acik: Boleh2 (sambil keluarkan duit2nya+bagi aku notes RM50+RM50)
Aku: Acik boleh tak tukar RM50 ni jadi RM10
Acik: Boleh2 (sambil hulur RM10+RM10+RM10+RM10+RM10)
Aku: Acik, yang RM10 ni nak tukar RM1 boleh tak
Acik: Awak nak buat apa duit2 kecik ni?
Aku: Saya nak naik bas.
Acik: Ooo pergi mana?
Aku: Seremban
Acik: Pergi Seremban RM6.50 je dik awak boleh bagi RM10 ni
Aku: Nanti dia bagi baki ke Cik?
Acik: Iye nanti dia bagi baku
I was like.............
Then skip cerita lain ktorang pon sampai kat KLIA2. Pusing punya pusing. Ada Jelly Bunny, meh! My favourite! Kasut ni favourite aku. Nak dijadikan cerita, aku pergi basuh kereta. Kasut ni sebab aku lenjan pakai gi sekolah almost everyday, ada koyak sikit. Skali Bangla basuh kereta tu boleh buang kasut ni. HOW DARE YOU! Memanglah buruk tapi aku sayang kot. Aku dah cari kat semua outlet Jelly Bunny dari KL sampai Melaka, tapi memang tak hado *sadis*
Sekali aku tengok, ada kat sini ADA!!! *freaking excited* Then aku pon hape lagi, belilah! *beg aku kan ringan sangat!*

Our flight take off around 7.00am Malaysia. Time different between Kuala Lumpur and Krabi is 1hour. So we arrived at Krabi on 7.20am Krabi. Sampai kat Krabi, terus pergi ambil bas. 
Bas Krabi Airport-Ao Nang Beach = 150baht/per person *korang takyah fefeeling bas. Bas dia sebenarnya macam Van tu je. (1 jam lebih jugak perjalanan sebab dia banyak singgah2 tapi aku tak rasa lama pun sebab aku tidur je sepanjang perjalanan)
Kereta sewa/Taxi Krabi Airport -Ao Nang Beach = 500-600 Baht/per car

Sampai resort kitorang THE VERANDAH jam 9.00 pagi. RM70/day. Awal gila ktorang sampai tapi kawan aku cakap, kita try je tanya kot2 dia bagi check in awal. Then, MEMANG BOLEH! Happy betul unpack barang then rehat2 sampai tengahari.
Sebelum pergi lunch, ktorang gi sewa motor. 200baht/day (24 hours). Diorang strict tau bab ni. So kalau korang rent diorang make sure pulang on time. Tak tau la kalau kat tempat aku tu je. Ada yang jugak yang sewa motor under hotel. 

Petang lepas solat semua ktorang gi cari pakej yang sesuai untuk aktiviti keesokkan harinya. Jalan pusing2 Ao Nang, mostly harga pakej lebih kurang je. Tapi the best deal aku dapat kat dia ni dan orangnya pun baik sangat.

Dah settle booking and payment, ktorang pergi lunch kat AREA MASJID. Senang nak dapat makanan halal kat situ. Kalau kat Ao Nang beach banyak je kedai yang tulis Halal tapi tak tau sahih ke tak. Janji tuan kedai pakai tudung, aku dah yakin dah nak makan kat situ. Untuk lunch lewat petang ni, aku makan Nasi lauk siput Sedut (siput sungai) semangkuk, cendawan masak lemak cili api (besar gile cendawan kukurnya), sayur kangkung, air teh o ais 2 gelas = 130baht. Memang pedas gile rasa macam terbakar bibir aku. Siap tuam ais! Malam pulak ktorang gi Krabi Night Market. Naik motor je 2 orang.

(Second Day)
Pagi2 lagi ktorang dah turun breakfast sebab island hopping akan bermula pukul 8.00 pagi. Ktorang breakfast kat hotel je sebab free. Lol. Tapi ktorang tak makan croisant dan muffin yang diorang bagi sebab tak sure diorang letak apa dalam tu. Just makan roti bakar dengan butter+jem yang memang ada tulis halal Thailand. Kawan aku cakap, Halal Thailand lagi reliable dari Halal Malaysia. Sebab? Biarlah rahsia. Selain roti, aku mintak half boiled egg-2, kawan aku mintak telur goreng. Memang halal sebab kalau guest yang non-muslim diorang bagi bacon and egg. Selain tu ada jugak cereals, milk, orange juice, tea, coffee. Tu je lah.

Ngam2 selesai breakfast, ada 2 orang tourist guide datang. Rupanya bus (more to lori pick up yang berbumbung) dah datang untuk fetch kitorang gi naik boat. Yeay! Perjalanan dari hotel ke jetty kejap je. Lepas fetch ktorang, fetch lagi beberapa orang di resort yang lain dan ktorang pon pergi menaiki speed boat.
Ktorang duduk kat depan sekali dengan 2 couple yang pergi hornymoon (Malaysian) dan 2orang lagi family mak dan anak. Sangat teruja! Kami Malaysian conquer depan speed boat tu. Our tourist guide are Thong and Dom.
Us With The Love Birds *Honeymooners*
First place we went was Bamboo Island. View dia, MashaAllah! Breathtaking! Awesome! Here is the picture
Bamboo Island : Kat sini lah handphone kesayangan beta tecelop dan kiok teros! *sobbing*
#sedehkesukesebabdapattukarphone??? *facepalm*
Pileh Bay : Fantastic Lagoon!!! :)
Maya Bay : Tempat shooting cerita The Beach by Abam Leonardo Dicaprio. Pantai cantik jugak tapi sini agak pack sebab ramai sangat tourist even masa kitorang go ni bukan peak season tapi sangatlah ramainye. Maybe jugak sebab jakunisation Leonardo pernah shooting kat sini kot.
Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island : Long tail boat yang classic sangat!
Snorkeling : The most exciting part!
Okay lepas snorkeling 2 tempat dan mandi manda kitorang pon gerak balik. Around 5.00pm baru sampai kat Ao Nang. On the way balik tu diorang bagi fresh fruits as treat. Balik, after settle down, ktorang go Dinner kat Pancake Jamilah yang famous amos di kalangan bloggers itu. Rasa dia very nice! Kalau korang pegi, korang mesti try tau! Makcik tu dahlah pandai cakap melayu. My favourite Pisang Coklat, Peanut butter and coklat, and semuala! Sedap gile weh! 

(Third Day)
Hari ke tiga kitorang pergi water rafting, elephan ride dan waterfall. Jauhla jugak dari Ao Nang tu. Dalam 2 hours journey. Ada yang naik ATV jugak tapi aku memang tak minat sangat. Setakat ATV pusing2 dalam sawit tu baik aku naik Triton pusing2 dalam ladang bapak aku je. Hahahahaha. Same je kot. Water rafting dia okaylah tak rough sangat. So aku dan Lia decide next trip kita cari yang rougher! Elephan ride tu lah3 kesian sangat dengan gajah tu tapi dah bayar kan, maka naik je la. Tapi ini yang pertama dan terakhir la. Aku memang nak sangat naik gajah. Tak taula. Rasa teringin so memang sangat excited walaupon just a short journey. Pakej2 ni semua boleh tanya pada name care yang aku scan tu sebab aku pergi under dia jugak sebab dia memang bagi best deal.
Water Rafting : With Guy, and the two 
Lunch Time! 
Elephant Ride

Her name is Jumbo!
(Fourth Day)
Selepas sarapan keesokan pagi, ktorang pun siap2 untuk gerak balik ke Kuala Lumpur. Kereta sewa dari Ao Nang ke Krabi Airport ialah 500baht sahaja. Di airport kami tukar balik syiling2 yang dapat sebab kat money changer tak accept coin dari mana2 negara pun. That is all for the Krabi Trip. Next trip? TUNGGU!

26 May 2014

Checklist Krabi Trip

1. Passport
2. Tickets
3. Money
4. Tshirts
5. Swimming attire
6. Yoga pants
7. Perfume
8. Power bank
9. Toiletries
10. Prayer attire
11. Undergarments
12. Novel
13. Shades
14. Camera
15. Chargers
That's all for today. Let's pack! Krabi here I come!

20 May 2014


Pasal entri Teacher's Day tu, Puan Pengetua telah bermurah hati cancelkan celebration yang 3 jam tu dan bagi kebenaran buat sambutan sampai balik. Thank you, Boss. Tapi aku cuti hari tu. Sama je la cita dia. Lol.

Tapi ni entri bukan nak cakap pasal tu. Nak cakap pasal orang TUA TERKUTUK. Kat sekolah aku, ada seorang yang suka membawa mulut dan selalu sampaikan cerita yang tak betul kat pihak pengurusan, akibatnya nanti GPK akan panggil cikgu2 terlibat dan bagi teguran. Selalu aku dengar cikgu2 mengumpat pasal dia ni. I couldn't care less. Tak ada kaitan dengan aku, aku tak nak campur, aku tak nak kutuk dia, aku just dengar je keluhan2 cikgu2 ni pasal TUA TERKUTUK tu. None of my business.

Tapi hari ni, hari aku! Dia dengan sedap mulut cakap bukan2 kat GPK. GPK cakap kat aku,
"Adala orang bagi tahu saya, Suraya tak masuk relief dan bagi relief Suraya pada cikgu ganti. Tak elok la kita buli cikgu2 ganti tu."
I was like, WHAT THE FUCK? Tapi aku cool je cakap aku tak pernah okay buat macam tu. In fact, cikgu ganti tu sendiri cakap dengan aku, "Akak, kalau saya masuk relief kelas akak boleh tak?"Putar alam sungguhla tukang cerita tu.

Memang TUA TERKUTUK ni nak mintak penampar. Dengan orang lain dia boleh buat cerita. Dengan aku, jangan cari pasal. Aku memang nak je pergi tampar dia hari ni. Tapi memandangkan aku nak ada agenda tersendiri weekend ni (agenda terpaksa dirahsiakan nanti entri lain aku cerita yer), aku chill, sabarkan diri. Sekolah aku memang tak pernah ada kes cikgu bertumbuk, jangan sampai kes kami jadi kes pertama. Aku peduli apa orang tua ke muda ke. Pada aku, hidup bermasyarakat perlu saling menghormati. Tapi kalau dia tak hormat aku, apekejadahnya aku nak hormat dia. Sila pergi mampus.

Kepada si TUA TERKUTUK, aku tengah collect points. Sampai cukup points, kita main tarik2 tudung k. Kau ingat aku budak lagi kau boleh nak buat hal? Kau silap. Kalau aku tak tampar kau dan cilikan mulut kau nanti, berhenti panggil aku SURAYA.

18 May 2014

Happy Unhappy Teacher's Day.

I didn't send the wishes to everyone. Why??? Teacher's day is not that meaningful when you go to school on 16th May 2014, still entering the class, teaching like usual and no celebration AT ALL. Since my school will celebrate teacher's day on 23rd, that is considered our teacher's day.

In my own interpretation, Teacher's day meant to be the day teacher get appreciation from their students. It is supposed to be a day full of enjoyment and happiness. Unfortunately, that wasn't happened in my school. For god sake, 16th May is on Friday and why on Earth we have to wait until 23rd just to celebrate? Dah basilah! And even worst, they only give us 3 hours to celebrate, makan2 and all. After that, students need to go back to their class and teaching/learning session as usual. Oh, crap!

By the way, whatever it is, I won't be around on that day. Already asked for Cuti Rehat Khas and was approved by my Boss. Yeay! I rather celebrate teacher's day in my own way. About the unhappy celebration for Teacher's Day at my school, I don't give a F***.

P/S: My wedding give has arrived. Thank you, Ayah! *muacks!*

28 April 2014

Jom Further Study...

All of sudden.
Aku rasa otak dah tumpul sikit. Perlukan refreshment. Rindu nak study. Rindu suasana kampus. Rindu nak ada banyak masa untuk membaca.
Course nak ambil?
Master of Education TESL.
Kat mana?
End of July ni tarikh tutup permohonan.
Nak buat master tentang apa?
Still thinking nak buat reasearch tentang apa tapi mostly pasal Listening n Speaking tapi tak spesifik lagi. Nak kaji dulu apa masalah utama murid2 kat sekolah. Do a lot of reading!
RM17k overall tuition fee for 2 years (+-)
Cuba mintak biasiswa kot. Tak pon PAMA or Hubbyla :P
Tapi bila cakap ngan Hubby nak mintak biasiswa, Hubby cakap... Hai takkan pakai kereta mahal2 tapi mintak biasiswa? Buat malu je *SentapMakNak!*
Masa Kuliah
Perlu di survey. Kalau tak boleh cope CTG saja.

May Allah ease this journey. Teringin nak grad lagi sekali. Dulu grad with Hubby, mungkinkah kali ini grad with Baby? Kawan2 tolong doakan saya yea.

24 March 2014

My Latest Hobby...

Hello. I only update my blog once or twice a month. What a lazy bee!
I think i have a serious problem. My shopping habits are so bad and i think I'm not much different if I compare myself to the girl named Becky in shopaholic series. Yes, every shopaholic gives themselves a reason so that they can but the think without feeling guilty. Seriously, I need to stop! Tomorrow is pay day. And I really hope this month I can save a bit.

Quote of the month:
Friends come and go but good friends always stay. I miss you guys!

05 March 2014

Condolences to Izzati Khalid and Family...

Dear Zati,

I was deeply saddened by the news of Firdaus's passing. Me and my husband felt condolence to you and your family. Our thoughts are with you and your family during these difficult time. May memories of Daus will help you find peace. Be strong, girl. That is the least that you can do. I know you can do it. I want you to know friends who love you surround you. Please reach me out any time you need. I believe he was a great man. We know that our time will come but death always leave us with grief. It was a shocked news. So here I am, offering my deepest condolences. And so do my family. Let patience be upon you in this time of grief.


She just got married few weeks ago (February 8th, 2014) and her husband died because of an accident on March 3rd, 2014. Dear blogger friends, please lend her you prayer and may Allah gives her strength to go through this most grief moments. She's one of my good friend who always offer me helps trough thick and thin :'(


06 February 2014

Finally, I Can Say I Love My Job

I don't do mornings. But as a teacher, I must be at school before 7.25am. The average journey from home to school will take 40 minutes so I have to wake up at 5.30am everyday. If I wake up later than, I'll tend to miss my Latte.

When I posted to this school, it was very hard for me to wake up early. I usually late and need to speed up to be at school before it started. Everyday I woke up with hatred feeling towards school, towards my job. God, please forgive me on that. However, after 1 and half year, I manage to change my routine, my feelings and I start to love my job. For real? Yes.

Maybe I am not going to stay at school forever but I love education. It doesn't mean I agree with Malaise Educational system. Lately, although I have a lot of work to do, nothing put me under pressure.  Thank god.

07 January 2014


If only you know how much I miss you...

05 January 2014

Everybody Needs A Room.

And I am talking about my precious shoes! Yes! Here is some of my collections. I desperately need a shoes cabinet. So there me goes. After a short discussion with my creative Hubby, I decided to pay a visit to Ikea. Hubby and his sister helping me to choose the furniture. I was kind of lost. Well, you know how big and interesting Ikea is.



I finally have my own so-called walk in closet. Because my Mom doesn't give permission to me to renovate our house and build a walk in closet, I decor my room with whatever left. However, I am really happy when I see the result. Thank you so much, Hubby!

03 January 2014


Peliharalah ikatan perkahwinan ini sehingga ke Syurgamu Ya Allah...

When I wake up,
I want to look at your serene face
With all the muscle on your face were totally at peace
Not a twitch, not a spasm, barely any gesture
Then, I will thank god for giving me you

When I walk,
I want to hold your hands
As our fingers intertwined together
Comfy, happy, warm and pleasant
Beat simultaneously with my heart
Then, I will thank god for giving me you

I hate this separation
Because this eat our heart out
As we are longing for each other presence
In every second we breath.

02 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Wishlist 2014?


*Kau hado!*