18 April 2012

When I Finally Write...

Hello, Peeps!
I don't write, I am in my best mood of being all in one - romantic, busy, super duper in love, happy, and all positive feelings can count in. Enough said!
I am tired of writing lesson plan so I want to write poem special for my beloved husband to be Mr. Popeye.

My One and Only Love,
Laughing, crying, arguing, forgiving,
Almost five years are gone,
You are there listening and advising,
Be patient and never leave me alone.

My One and Only Love,
Looking at your eyes make me melt,
Hearing your laugh worries fly away,
Only god knows how I felt,
Keep missing you when you are faraway.

My One and Only Love,
Few more months you will be forever mine
I will forever be yours
Together both of us fly with time
Until the end of our love's endeavours.

Dang. Night, Peeps! (>.<)!