25 December 2012


If there's an award THE BEST HUSBAND FOR LIFE, it definitely goes to you, MY HUBBY. Love you so much! May Allah always be with us. (^_^)

16 December 2012

A Piece of Advice

How we go through the hard times? As for me, I try not to think and talk about it. I don't think about something that can make me weep and week. After all, navy's bride has to be strong. I MISS U HUBBY LIKE CRAZY. ARGHHH! (T_T)

15 December 2012

Manage to Grab Pennny Chiffon Maxi Dress Mini Polka.

Bukan satu, tapi TIGA yea kawan2. Marilah kita menggila dengan first salary katenyoh! Budget macam salary kau 5 angka tapi sebenarnya Seribu sahaja you all. Sebab aku kan Cikgu Interim yang baru posting 16 Oktober 2012 so dapat la gaji half-month. Aku baru pakai yang warna hitam tu je yang merah dan blush still wrapped in poplook plastic malas nak kacau lagi. Sayang punye pasal. Hahaha. Ni semua size L yer. Dah try dulu beli polka size M, last2 terpaksa let go sebab aku kan ala2 kurus gitoh. (Kurus ker kau masalahnyer!). Pakai L barula selesa.

Korang nak tau tak, nervous gila masa tunggu thepoplook nih upload kat web. Dia kan akan upload stok baru setiap pukul 11 pagi. 10.30am aku dah stand by depan laptop you all. Harussss eksaited! Bukan apa, thepoplook punya Penny nih memang macam cempedak goreng panas. Upload je, 30 minit kemudian out of stock. Mujur jugak maybank2.u tak buat hal dan cepat send tag number. Rezeki kot. Masa tunggu Maybank bagi tag number tu, jantung haku punyelah gedebuk gedebak. Hish! Macam hape je. Bila aku da beli tuh, tengok kat page FB thepoplook, memang ramai yang tak dapat beli. Kesian tau. Aku faham perasaan diorang sebab aku pun pernah macam tu jugak! *Sobbing*

Review pasal blouse ni? Aku tak pakai yang tall. Aku beli yang biasa je. Dengan ketinggian 163cm berat 56kg, sesuai lah Size L. Size M boleh masuk tapi kalau L tu lagi looselah. Selesa dan memang best pun dress ni no wonderlah setengah jam je keluar kat thepoplook, habis terjual! 

Aku beli jugak Stephanie Blouse Beige Polka nih. Saja nak try, tapi macam tak seswais pulak dengan body aku yang sedikit gumuk ni. Macam nak let go. Kalau ada yang nak boleh PM or email aya_troublemaker@yahoo.com nak let go murah2 je baru sekali pakai.
Size M
Condition: 10/10
RM50 free postage
Worn Once (kejap je)

Oh ye, Mr. Popeye dah keluar orders TAK BOLEH BELI baju on9 dan barang2 (tupperware) lagi tau! Sorok2 ke, tak sorok2 ke, dah tak leh dah! Sebab? Baju aku dah banyak sangat (-.-). Tapi kan... Psssttttt... Jovian Mandagie nak keluarkan new collection kan???!!! Acaner! Acaner! *sambil duduk bersimpuh mengenang naseb!*

08 December 2012

Review on Big Bad Wolf Monstrous Book (BBW)!!!

Today is super exciting day!...err... or should I say yesterday too? Because? Because? Because? Hubby and Hadi accompany me to BBW and super duper excited because all the books are basically RM8-RM10. I know! Super duper cheap! Since I'm so-called BBW regular customer, I'm not so thrill about the price. The most exciting thing is most of my wish-list books are there because I went there on the first and early second day. Before this I can only envy you guys who always lucky and managed to buy all your favourite book during this BBW from the distance. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. So today I consider myself the most luckiest girl in here (in the world might be bit exaggerated). Although I'm kind of tired right now but I can't stop myself to write about my experience during the BB

Thanks to Hubby and Hand who manage to patiently wait for me for almost 3 hours (T_T). Luckily BBW management put the sofas for relatives and children so they go and lepaking there. Pity them though. I will treat you both with good food later, okay :)
The saddest part was when the staff said I could not buy the books using debit card. Only credit card and cash are allowed. Since My Hubby and I just bought 50 bucks, so I have to pick up the book only according to my wishlist. As they were last year, this year they came without bringing Nicholas Sparks books with them! How cruel! Or maybe I don't find it? Ops. (but I think I have been searching at every corner of the exhibition hall). LOL. Not to forget the Q was long and never-ending (about 200 meters).

Lets enjoy the pictures while I was there.

 Not my dream car but I like the plate number.
 Main entrance
 About 30 people infront of me Q-ing
 Books near by
200m of Q *fainted!*

My catch

That is all for now. Bye!

01 December 2012

Saya Nak Let Go Penny Chiffon


Saya nak let go or swap with Size L 
Poppy Penny Chiffon Maxi Dress (Polkadot)
Size M
Not Include BELT
Brand New with Tag
RM69+ RM6 (Postage)

Saya nak let go or swap with Size L 
Poppy Penny Chiffon Maxi Dress (Coffee)
Size M
Not Include BELT
Brand New (tapi tag dah bukak)
RM69+ RM6 (Postage)
Email me: aya_troublemaker@yahoo.com
Manage to sell all within 4hours. Happy Me! (^_^)
Thank you so much customers!