29 October 2010

Thank God.

Thank god he's coming back to me.
Thank god we got Bibik for home.
Thank god I've finished painting backdrop for theater.
Thank god my car is almost done.
Thank god I have parents like mine.
Thank god I have understanding BFFs.
Thank god for everything.

Feel like I am the happiest person on Earth.

24 October 2010

One Precious Morning.

I woke up early this morning and went to breakfast with my BFF. Then we decided to go to park which has lake, lepaking while seeing others jogging. There's a lot of Indon and Bangla work there. We felt like we were not in Malaysia anymore. It was raining and cold but we had a lot of fun. I don't think we could find a place like this in JB. Will miss this morning lemon2.
Am I fall in love with Kuala Lumpur?


20 October 2010

Get Well Soon, Mak.

I called Ayah this morning cause I already miss him and Mak. Ayah pick up the phone and sound so busy. I wonder and ask ayah what happen. He said that he is cooking. WHAT A MIRACLE. Its not Ayah not a good father but he is a man who act like a man and rarely help Mak to prepare our meal. Then Mak talk to me. She said she has been caught by fever. Pity you, Mak. I pray that she will get well soon.

I can imagine my home's condition when Mak is sick. How I wish I can be there to take care of Mak. I want to go back! I miss you Mak!


19 October 2010

Living in Daze.

When you are a sure person, then suddenly you hit by a pang and that make you feel like you don't sure about everything, its hard to take. Lately seems I am bit lost in life. Actually it's very simple. Things get complicated when you said they are. I can't take things as simple as they are when others around me not. (-.-)

I miss Ya my BFF so much. She will definitely understand my situation right now. But she is not here. She's busy doing her thesis, assignments and test. How I wish she was here. I miss her.

Tons of assignment but I don't feel like doing it. The best way to forget this miserable thought is sleeping but when I wake up, it is the first thing I will think about. Deep inside me, I admit its sometimes torturing. I want to run away from life but definitely can't.

I'm sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, not in a good mood and totally miserable. Why? Why? Why all of those things happen to me? I looking forward to go holiday with my family and forget all of this for a while. Besides Ya, only my parents will understand me. I miss them all.

15 October 2010

The truth is finally revealed.

Aku rasa dalam diri manusia paling penting selain akal adalah hati. Akal penting. Membolehkan manusia membezakan baik dan buruk. Tak ada akal=gila. Sama macam haiwan. Tapi manusia dengan akal tanpa hati yang bersih juga pada aku sama perangai dengan haiwan.

Dalam hidup ni, kalau hati sentiasa busuk, penuh dengan hasad dengki, hidup pasti takkan kenal kebahagiaan. Kalau pun ada, tak lama mana. Contoh? Dah banyak berlaku depan mata aku. Aku tak nak pick sapa2. Ni sekadar renungan dan ingatan untuk diri aku sendiri. Sama-sama kita lihat ragam manusia disekeliling kita.

Manusia kalau hatinya baik, Allah sayang, semua orang sayang. Manakala yang sebaliknya, hidup dalam keluh kesah. Tak kisah berapa banyak duit yang ada, kalau hati tak bersih, tetap tak bahagia. Tak kisah miskin macam mana pun, hati baik, bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, kebahagiaan milik kita.

Aku benci orang bermuka-muka. Kalau zaman Jepun dulu, manusia bermuka-muka ni dihukum bunuh dah. Aku memang keras hati, memang susah nak maafkan orang. Tapi aku tau kalau sekali aku dah maafkan orang tu, aku memang anggap 0-0. Kalau orang tu tak nak fikir macam aku, nak simpan dendam kesumat semua, tu dia punya pasal. Tapi selagi aku benci, aku akan ignore orang tu. Sebab? Aku tak boleh nak bertalam-talam depan baik belakang kutuk pelbagai. Aku benci orang macam tu. Benci sangat. Sini cakap lain sana cakap lain. Aku berdoa aku takkan jadi macam tu. Kadang-kadang rasa macam nak cincang-cincang orang yang bermuka-muka ni bagi buaya makan. Mati lagi baik dari hidup mendengki orang.


In life, I always know what to choose, and be sure of it. I am not choosing any if i'm not sure that is what I want. Why I do that? Because I hate thinking. I hate to be confused by my own mind. Luckily I have my mom and besties around me. Although they are not helping me choosing anything but the opinion do help me A LOT. Thank god. Feel better right now.

What is this entry all about? The answer is S.E.C.R.E.T.S