19 October 2010

Living in Daze.

When you are a sure person, then suddenly you hit by a pang and that make you feel like you don't sure about everything, its hard to take. Lately seems I am bit lost in life. Actually it's very simple. Things get complicated when you said they are. I can't take things as simple as they are when others around me not. (-.-)

I miss Ya my BFF so much. She will definitely understand my situation right now. But she is not here. She's busy doing her thesis, assignments and test. How I wish she was here. I miss her.

Tons of assignment but I don't feel like doing it. The best way to forget this miserable thought is sleeping but when I wake up, it is the first thing I will think about. Deep inside me, I admit its sometimes torturing. I want to run away from life but definitely can't.

I'm sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, not in a good mood and totally miserable. Why? Why? Why all of those things happen to me? I looking forward to go holiday with my family and forget all of this for a while. Besides Ya, only my parents will understand me. I miss them all.

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