25 March 2013

The Most Outrageous Things Is When...

you are currently reading a novel, the famous best seller one, 98.9% read-almost finish, and suddenly you have urgent call, you pack all your belonging except THE F***ING NOVEL!!!

I already at our home (KL) when I realized that I left my novel at home. So here we were traveled from  KL-Kota Kinabalu-KL with my mind still on the novel, guessing what would be the resolution? How Aibileen is going to coop with the society? How about Miss Skeeter? What happen to Minny? I'm dead curious to know!!! Arghh!!! I feel like going to the bookstore, sit there and finish my reading! But it was impossible since my MIL condition was not really good at that moment. I threw my curiousity away and just focus on my family. (Believe me that was the hardest things to do since I was so eager about it!)

I loathe that disgusting feeling! After few days, I managed to go back to my hometown, found the novel and continue reading. But the excitement wasn't the same! I am very disappointed.
~Sobbing on my comfy bed~

16 March 2013

How I Met My Husband...

Special entry dedicate to Mr. Popeye after knowing you for 10years. As you go through this entry, you might forget the moments (as you always do), you might wonder where the hell she gets all these photos (as you always ask), but don't forget I am your wife and I keep it all under lock and key and same goes to our memories.
You were in Beta Class (second class) and I was in Sigma Class (fourth class), and when it came to English Sets, you were in Set 1 (and you still proud of it up until now) while I was in Set 3 (and rarely came to English class. lol) I didn't really know you actually. Just acknowledged that you were one of my batch-mate. I spent more time at field, involved in sports while you spent more time at Multimedia Room, in front of computers and games. However, thats US.

You were not only my schoolmate but also my classmate. We spoke only few words for the whole YEAR since you were well known as a quiet boy. 
(Plus you even hate girls and said girls are weird creature. OMH! Oh-My-Husband!)

You went to KTL and became a cadet officer while I entered Matriculation. After that, you got an offer to go to BRNC (Britain Royal Naval College). This is my rough year because you know, things happened and I was so lucky to have someone to talk to, to support and to listen to me every time I needed him. He was so far yet we exchanged emails, Yahoo Messenger, contacted through Friendster or sometimes you even called.

After ups and downs, I went to IPGKTI (Teachers' Training Institute). Before you went back, I asked you a present from UK and you sent me this. I named it Tedted. Then, you said you will be back in Malaysia in few days. After that, I almost didn't heard about you for few months. I kept remaining silent because I thought you were already forgot about me. Until I received one email...
"Wei kau hidup lagi ke tak. Diam je"

Commission Ballroom (30th June 2007) : Went there as your partner
Surprise Birthday Party 13th July 2007 : You went to JB all the way from Lumut
Before you departed from Kuala Perlis Jetty Terminal to Langkawi Island. 
(A day after we decided to be more than bestfriend)
Our first couple ring but we both damaged those rings. I still remember, it was my first day at UPM and I have been searching for that tiny stones like crazy women but unfortunately, could not find it. And then when I tell you how awful I felt, you said 
"Tak pe, B punye pun dah tercabut batu tu. Nanti kit beli lain je"
You make me smile :)
Shopping Raya. You came to JB all the way from Lumut (again). 
Balik Kampung for Hari Raya (Errr... You went to Lumut and I went to Seremban not we both balik sama. Nak mati ke? :P)

Another Ladies Guest Night : We slipped out using the back door and lepaking at the pool side area. We were talking and laughing and suddenly felt horrified when we saw the VIPs left the hall. We was like "Eh, event dah habislah!LOL"
The next day we went to Teluk Batik and buy same flip flop 
You came to JB, celebrated my birthday. (We had couple shirts okay! How romantic! [ke?])
We bought another couple ring since we both ruin the first one.
 We met @KL. Birthday Celebration of you and Idzmi

14th February. We had a great time at The Ship, Bukit Bintang. Although it was so hard to get the seat since everyone was celebrating VD, we seize the day!
Genting Highland with our friends (could not mention their names due to P&C)
Desaru With Friends
Hari ATM 2010. You joined the parade and I went there with my friends. First time seing you in this blue uniform face to face. Handsomekan!
First time we went to Navy's wedding. Lt. Abu's wedding.

@Lowyat buying new camera for me
Met you @Genting Highland. You went there with other officers while I was with Qilah and Jang
@KD Kelantan. You were their first crew. Visited you with Anis (she visited her fiance, Sudin)
Uda & Dara Theatre @Istana Budaya
Went to Big Mama @Kampung Baru to break fast with Idzmi 
Messnite 2010 @Palace of Golden Horses

6th July 2012

My convocation

@Penang Ferry

@Aquaria KLCC

@Cameron Highland during our one day horny-moon. OPS!

Hubby, we have been together for years and we are still on our way of creating our history together. So much laugh, tears, happy and sad moments we share. I want you to know you are my everything!
 For every wish I ever prayed, Allah sends me YOU, my perfect husband. 
Thank you Allah, for bringing us together.
Thank you Hubby, to cherish every moments in my life.
You are my best friend, best lover and best life partner.
Hope our relationship is forever till Jannah.
Always with undying love,
-Your Wife-

15 March 2013

You Are My World.

You are my world
I knew it and religion said so
Nothing but the fact to behold
But tonight you are so cold.

I love you
I miss you
I hurt you
I deceive you

I am sorry for who I am
I am not a perfect person for a perfect man
How I wish I can turn back time
Till the dream time I will wait.

In life, I'm searching for
Mr. Cool
Mr. Sweet
Mr. Kind
Mr. Cute
Mr. Love
Mr. Nice
Mr. ........
Mr. ........
Mr. ........
Mr. ........

Then I stop.
Simple because I found the moon shine
Who had all above in one.

I'm sorry for loving you this much. :'(