12 June 2010

Gaduh di blog sebab lelaki?

Since aku buat macam tak da kerja tapi kerja melambak saja tak nak buat kan, aku saja lah melayari blog2 yang ada di alam maya ni. Macam2 blog aku jumpa. Tapi dalam banyak2 blog, aku paling tak boleh bla blog yang bergaduh pasal lelaki? Oh puh-leeez. Banyak2 topik kau boleh nak bengang2 kat blog pasal berebut lelaki? Sungguh lame ok. Kesian betul.

Aku tau blog kau is yours. Totally. I'm just an outsider. Tapi tolonglah sedar, kalau lelaki tu yang pergi cari perempuan lain, sangat tak worth it kau nak mengamuk macam gile meroyan kat blog, okay. Lelaki macam tu patut kau bakul sampahkan aje, cari lelaki yang lagi worth it untuk kau sayang2. Dan kalau perempuan tu yang kacau boyfriend kau, tapi boyfriend kau tak nak kat dia, dan dia memang pipi tak mancung hidung macam serombong, mengendeng boyfriend kau, silelah berhenti dari menulis yang bukan2 di blog dan mula berfikir. Yakin la dengan kelebihan yang ada pada diri kau. Kalau dia tak pilih kau, dia yang rugi. Bukan kau. Paling mudah kau angkut je boyfriend kau tu jumpa perempuan psiko tu depan2 biar dia malu sendiri. Kalau still tak diam kacau boyfriend kau jugak, belasahkan aje. Padan muka kan. Hati pun puas.

Bergaduh berlawan kata di blog, aku lagi hebat, dia sayang aku, kau bitch, whore, whatever. Useless gile. Sedarlah kau sedang membuat lelaki tu rasa "hell, yeah. I'm hot!". Tak perlu, okay. Secara tak lansung korang membuat ego lelaki itu bertambah2 tinggi melangit. Macam mana sayang sekali pun, berfikirlah dengan waras. Dan the best 2 blogs drama yang aku baca, PEREMPUAN, bergaduh sebab seorang lelaki and in the end, lelaki tu sebenarnya pilih orang lain. Bukan kau atau dia. Yang both tak tahu tapi korang 2 duk gaduh pasal lelaki tu. Abang, B, Sayang, lu gua minah pe jadah semua.

Tolonglah. Walaupun aku sukakan drama, tapi aku benci gila drama macam ni buat kaum perempuan nampak weak. Memanglah sometimes ada benda kita depends kat lelaki jugak, tapi jangan la terlalu buta dengan cinta. Kalau dia memang nak kau, no matter Miss World kejar dia pun, he will finally choose you.

Sekian, entri emosi ini tamat di sini.

04 June 2010


15th May 2010-26th May 2010

UK is the best country ever. Other than the drunk smelly people on the street, the scenery and other things are really taking my breath away. The street is clean. We can barely see rubbish even for the little cigarette butt. The food looked delicious. Unfortunately, I can't eat them all. Sigh. We have to be careful since it was hard to find halal food in most of the city except for London. Sometimes we have to be careful with the fish and chips too. I only miss Malaysia during the meal time. Hehe. London is a very busy city. Roughly, the tube system in Melbourne is more systematic compared to London i think. Maybe they have too many route and we the outsiders tend to get confuse. However, I think 10 days are not long enough to study this metropolitan country.

Not to forget, we went to Paris for a precious one day trip. Paris is really heaven for shopaholic. Seriously. A lot of expensive and well know brand can be found here. You just name it! Due to lack of money problem, I only buy 2 shirts for myself. Hehe. Before I went there, I thought Paris was a romantic city. Paris the city of love. Unfortunately, the visit changes my mind. I don't think its romantic enough. Its smelly, people. I feel uncomfortable walking along the street. So, I change my plan to go to Rome, Italy for my honeymoon. If only go holiday after 10 years of marriage can still be called honeymoon. -just incase by the time I get married, my money still not enough to go to honeymoon in Rome straight away. Haha.

I don't understand why people being proud when they have opportunity to visit all these countries. Yes. They are beautiful. They catch our eye. But still, they are lacking here and there though. Have we ever think why people around the world come to visit these famous country? Instead of being proud for nothing, we can go there, and take the good example from them and apply it in Malaysia. I am impress on the way they preserve their heritage. They protect their history, culture and environment to ensure their the future generation can experience what their ancestor had gave to them. For some of the city, they are not allowing foreigners to live in their residential areas in order to protect the inheritance of that place.

Over all, this trip really makes my eyes wide open. Malaysia should follow the good example of them. If I have the second chance to go to Paris and London, I'll prepare more money for shopping! Enjoy the pictures.

Me and Christine Lee at Oxford University area

Anya Hindmarch at Bicester Village

Rest Area On The Way To Liverpool

This is the place where The Beatles came with my favourite song
"I want to hold your hands"


Shakespeare's Globe, London

We love Shakespeare

Kicking Fonyi outside the hotel

At the Commonwealth Secretariat as representative from UPM

Buckingham Palace

Eiffel Tower-Paris

Arc de Triomphe

Jumping At Port of Dover

The Beautiful Tower Bridge

Ehem. Brunei Airline CC

That is all from me