17 November 2014

Hoi! Aku Busy Gilerh Hoi!

Okay dah sebulan tak update pape! Busy gilak! Weekend akan dipenuhi dengan masa bersama Hubby (^_^) weekdays kerja kerja kerja bertimbun (-.-)
Pembuka Bismillah  dengan Exam PT3 kat sekolah (Kena marks paper student)
Habis je nanda PT3, terus kena jaga SPM pulak.
Sambil2 jaga SPM, selaku Pentaksir Kawasan pergi check+marks paper anak2 hayam di bawah kelolaan ku.
Habis je mentaksir dan modefikasi markah, sambung pulak dengan mesyuarat Marking SPM BI.
Sempat, okay! Sempat jap mak menyelinap pegi Vietnam. Kali ni iols pegi dengan cousin je.
Hubby ku telah mengeluarkan ayat SENTAP MAK NAK.
Lepas balik dari trip Ho Chi Minh (HCMH) yang bershopping sakan tu, aku pun melahirkan hasrat nak pegi HCMH lagi nanti. Sekali...
"Abang ni asyik kena tinggal je. Xde, lepas ni B xleh pegi kalau Abang tak ikut"
Haaaa.... Maka aku pon terus duduk bersimpuh rapi *sobsob*

24 September 2014


YMe: Abg, cable B da tak betul la sometimes charging tak masuk
Abg: Its ok B simpan cable tu nanti balik Abg tolong betulkan (since he's so good in fixing things)
Me: I don't think so
Abg: Why?
Me: B tried charging it was not functioning so i threw it to the wall. Its totally broken now.
Abg: Can't help it (-_-)
Me: I already bought a new one��
Abg: .............. Oh.

21 September 2014

What Is The Toughest Job On Earth?

Being a navy's wife! Seriously. Don't ever mess with them because they are definitely not vulnerable and can kick your arse extremely hard if they have to. I do not have a chance to meet my husband for 27 days and it surely feels like I'm in piles of shit. Deeply in it. I don't know how other wives do this and they seem perfectly strong! But here I am impotent, feeble and like in a deep 'tahi kucing lembut'. Damn. I thought it was going to be easy! But it is not!!!

Shit. This is hard, okay! We have never been away from each other since we get married. 2 weeks tops and no longer than that. And now it is almost a month. I don't know how I survive this crazy life. I know my husband hates it too! I am tortured, mentally and emotionally. I thought I was strong but I am undoubtedly not!

I admire those who can carry on their lives, raising and delivering kids, miscarriage, accident, hospitalised, alone and their husband is not around. They are beyond awesome. Husband, please appreciate and IT IS NOT EASY TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU HERE BESIDE ME (T_T)

This is ridiculous. BLERGH!
Okayla I depress jom shopping Fareeda release stress. #eh!

19 September 2014

Buckle Up For The Next Trip!

Because we (my cousin and me) already book the tickets, so this month and next month I HAVE TO SAFE MY MONEY. For god sake! I worship that word almost every day so that I won't forget it! This is so freaking hard! Saving your money...! Save your money...! (T_T)

17 September 2014

Dear My Favourite Girls...

You don't know how comfy you are
You don't know how happy I am
You don't know how strong our relationships are
But you know who you are

Knowing you girls are blessed from God
Not relatives and not related by blood
When we are together we act like an idiot
We share the good and we share the odd

I write this poem to express my feeling
Since I am the person who are not good in talking
No sorry no thanks thats our pinky promising
Hope this relationship will neverending

Mira. Juni. Lia. Reunited Netballers. Mang. Afet. Inas. Amira. Rai. Wanie. Mami (Eh)