27 August 2014

Hubby Sails After 3 Years.

Okay so now I have ample time to update my blog! I am so so so bored! Woah! Usually, he'll me with me for the whole day. I can whatsapp, call, bbm etc etc but not now, not today! He starts his first sail after 3 years (more or less). And he was like sireh pulang ke gagang since he got his previous ship. I thought I would be okay but I was obviously wrong. I AM NOT OKAY. I miss him like crazy. This feeling is so so unbearable. ������

11 August 2014

Hubby, Please Forgive Me...

Dear the sweetest Husband on Earth,

One fine day, you will read this post. I just want to tell you this. Yesterday, I lied to you. Masa tu kita nak siap2 pegi raya rumah Mak Long. B keluarkan baju Jovian yang baru je sampai hari Jumaat (Masa tu B mintak izin keluar pergi Bahau tapi tak cakap pergi post office ambik baju ni). Then you asked me,
"Macam tak pernah nampak je baju ni?"
And I replied,
"Eh, adelah Abang je tak perasan"
And I couldn't look into your eyes! Kalau tak sure kantoi tipu. Lepas tu cepat2 Baby gi masuk toilet, mandi. Wuwuwu. Tapi sebenarnya baju tu bukan baju lama. Memang baju baru pon. Niat B nak beli untuk hari raya haji tapi dah terpakai pulak! So, I should buy a new one la kot for Hari Raya Haji *ops*
I am so sorry, Hubby... As you know, I am a fan of Jovian. Then, ada sale! Then, ada my friend yang nak tolong belikan. What a waste kalau tak beli, kan?! RM420 jadi RM294. Murah, kan! See. Hubby pon setuju. So, Baby memang patut beli, kan?! *feeling guilty*

Hehehe. Or else Hubby memang tau kot tu baju baru tapi Hubby buat2 tak tau je. B rasa Hubby memang ada 6th sense kalau pasal ME. Usually Hubby akan cepat je tau kalau B beli barang baru.

Contoh, masa B gi Fareeda. I told you Baby gi sana beli untuk my friends and cousin. I bought 5 new designs then when you asked
"B beli berapa untuk B?"
I replied,
"Beli 1 je, stakat ni"
Then you asked
I was like... (T_T)
Actually semua yang Baby beli tu 1 je untuk my cousin, the other 4 are for me tapi macam tak tau nak cakap macam mana. Niat pergi nak beli 1 or 2 je untuk kawan2 selebihnya tapi kan bila dah sampai sana jadi terbalik! Actually kalau x nak pakai boleh je jual balik tapi kan Baby macam nak pakai semua. Tsk! Tapi I nak beli GoPro! Tapi nak shopping benda lain jugak. Homaigod!

Here I present you the guilty Gabby by Jovian.

p/s: Really sorry, Hubs. But I can't say "never again". Love you! 

13 July 2014

Happy Bornday!

Hello, everyone! Today is my birthday. Since I am going back in the morning and we are fasting, husband prepares surprise a day before during our break fast *happy as a clam*. He even wrote me cards. The celebrations were combination of our Anniversary and my Birthday. So I get 2 cards! *overwhelming* He even bought me roses. Can you believe it??? *By the way, he didn't buy it but ask Miza (one of my friend) to help him.

Husband can be so sweet at certain time. *Rolling eyes* I was speechless yesterday. I didn't expect anything! Million thanks husband for his effort and time to make me feel appreciated. May our love will be last forever till Jannah. You will always be my lifelong partner, my buddy, my best friend, my souldmate, and my partner in crime. Whatever happen in our life, I pray that you will stay. #ILYTJ :)

11 July 2014

How Many Times Should We See Dentist In A Year?

Or I should ask...
When did the last time you see a dentist? Most of Malaysian didn't care about their teeth until they are aching. According to the review from the Faculty of Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, seeing dentist twice a year will work well for most of the people. However, some of them may need more than that. Your dentist will help you to check the problem and treat it. Early check up will help you to find early sign of disease or problems.

Dental visit are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gum. Between those visits, it is important for us to keep the gum clean and health. Parents should inculcate oral care habits in children and set example of good dental care to them. For example, encourage their kids of brushing teeth twice daily for the best oral health.

As for me, I will go to dentist twice a year. I have been doing this since I was 18. When we were in school, the government provides school dental care FOR FREE where the dentists and nurses will come and check your teeth, give advice on how to take care of it and fix all the problem you have.

I wrote this entry because I was teaching in my class when a hygienist came and ask for my permission to take my students to their clinic. You know what happen? This one particular boy, who always 'berlagak samseng' refused to go to see the dentist! And even worst, he went to hide in the toilet and ran around school when his classmate tried to get him to the clinic (T_T)

In fact, most of my students HATED hygienist and dentist. Hello, people! Wake up! Go and do the regular check up, wear braces while its still free and cheap!
The result of regular check up and Oral B (Cheese!)

06 July 2014

Happy Anniversary, Hubby!

Thank you for these 2 wonderful years! I am absolutely blissful to be married to a charming guy like you. Keep up with my mood, shopping madness, crazy ideas and etc etc. Thanks sebab selalu faham B, pinjamkan telinga untuk dengar masalah B, rungutan B (mostly pasal kerja), bawak B jalan2, makan2 tempat best, teman B shopping berjam jam but still bertahan and tolong pilih semua benda yang B nak beli, tolong drive since B malas gila nak drive, dan BALIK JUMPA B EVERY WEEK.

Thanks sebab mengorat B dulu2. Kalau tak, kita xkan jadi macam sekarang. Even you were not romantic at all (at the beginning). Hubby, what I love most about you is I can see the love in your eyes every time I look at it. There are so much love for me. I know I can't thank you enough for all the things that you give to me but still I want to thank you. I wake up everyday and be grateful because God has given to me YOU. US is the best thing in my life. Thank you for being here beside me and make my life worth living.