17 February 2015

Overwhelmed With Surprises!

My cousin had a son.
The other cousin is expecting one.
Step MIL is expecting mom too.
My BFFs are going to have kids before the end of the year.
My friends got engage! This is unbelievable truth!
TESL Bro is getting married.
One of the teacher in my school not-so-close-witch-I-hate-most got transferred!
I am sincerely happy for them.

Life at work is tougher than ever.
But this year, those kids are so obedient and easy to control.
They make me fall in love with teaching world.
For the first time ever.
I love you kids.
May Allah easy your journey towards the end.

1 comment:

ordinary wawa said...

Banyaknya terima berita baik yea. Alhamdulillah.