23 September 2015

Bought My New Boots

Of course I do it behind his back (AGAIN). I am really sorry My Hubby. I just can't hold it when the PS (Personal Shopper) show me those pictures. You know how much I love boots, right. Plus, it was so beautiful hanging there (In the real picture. This picture here was just an example i took from the internet). With all those stylish tassel, how can I say NO? The word just not in my dictionary. OMG. As you know Hubs, Italy is my dream city. I always love Italy, you know that too, right? So buy buying this boots make me feel somehow connected to Italy.  Yes, wearing a part of it. Its like you buy the boots first, later when the right time come, you'll get a chance to explore the city, bring the boots back. Yeah, something like that. So I guess that is all for tonight. And I am sorry for not telling me the price of the LV too, and the Jovians, and the new handbags I bought, and the Pandora I secretly bought, and this and that and I plan to buy the maroon winter jacket. Better not to list it down here (for my own safety-from being scolded by you. Ouch. Takut.).After months, here I come, guilty as charge. Writing my blog again.

Guilty Love,
Your wife.

Ps: Thanks and creadit to my ps Kak As Galeria BE & Kak Susan Chena. Both of you are great!

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