17 September 2014

Dear My Favourite Girls...

You don't know how comfy you are
You don't know how happy I am
You don't know how strong our relationships are
But you know who you are

Knowing you girls are blessed from God
Not relatives and not related by blood
When we are together we act like an idiot
We share the good and we share the odd

I write this poem to express my feeling
Since I am the person who are not good in talking
No sorry no thanks thats our pinky promising
Hope this relationship will neverending

Mira. Juni. Lia. Reunited Netballers. Mang. Afet. Inas. Amira. Rai. Wanie. Mami (Eh)



wahhh..ak baru bace..tacing siot..hahaha..jiwang karat trang tang tang neh..xbole blahh...

Suraya Nordin said...

@NORJUNILAILA AZHARhahahaha hoiiii sempattt bc blog