21 September 2014

What Is The Toughest Job On Earth?

Being a navy's wife! Seriously. Don't ever mess with them because they are definitely not vulnerable and can kick your arse extremely hard if they have to. I do not have a chance to meet my husband for 27 days and it surely feels like I'm in piles of shit. Deeply in it. I don't know how other wives do this and they seem perfectly strong! But here I am impotent, feeble and like in a deep 'tahi kucing lembut'. Damn. I thought it was going to be easy! But it is not!!!

Shit. This is hard, okay! We have never been away from each other since we get married. 2 weeks tops and no longer than that. And now it is almost a month. I don't know how I survive this crazy life. I know my husband hates it too! I am tortured, mentally and emotionally. I thought I was strong but I am undoubtedly not!

I admire those who can carry on their lives, raising and delivering kids, miscarriage, accident, hospitalised, alone and their husband is not around. They are beyond awesome. Husband, please appreciate and IT IS NOT EASY TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU HERE BESIDE ME (T_T)

This is ridiculous. BLERGH!
Okayla I depress jom shopping Fareeda release stress. #eh!


Nurainsazila Norazaman said...

I feel you babe! Sob..sob...ni pun tak tau bila dapat jumpa seben sebab dia duty minggu ni..pastu belayar...hmm..hmmm..

Suraya Nordin said...

Sobss lagi school holiday lg diorang sail. Hukhuk.