19 June 2014

To Replace The Old Samsung...

Hello guys! I am not a fan of Apple *tipu!*. Lol. I have been using Mac since ages but iPhone never turn me on. Lately, you know what happen in KRABI, right. Yeah. The unforgettable moment! My phone broke down because of the salt water! *sobs*. Then, since the repairing is costly like crazy, I bout a new phone. Yeehaa! And its iphone5s with waterproof housing *hamekaw* My review? Its pretty expensive. Well, most of Apple products are but I’m satisfied enough with it. It can sync easily with my MBA, too. Therefore, I love love love it to the max! Kind of regret I realize all of these right now.

The screen is not as wide as my previous Samsung but that is so not going to be a problem. The resolution is seriously beyond awesome. My friend told me 
“Aya, sebenarnya gambar barang yang diorang jual ni tak lawa pon (refer to the online shop) tapi phone ko buat pic ni nampak lawa.” Awwwww! *ilovemyiphone!* 
By the way, since I start using Apple, this brands never fails me though. I even hasut2 my bff to buy Macbook and finally he/she has one! #happy2themoon! I don't care what other people say about iPhone. The most important thing is I LOIKE IT! 

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