18 May 2014

Happy Unhappy Teacher's Day.

I didn't send the wishes to everyone. Why??? Teacher's day is not that meaningful when you go to school on 16th May 2014, still entering the class, teaching like usual and no celebration AT ALL. Since my school will celebrate teacher's day on 23rd, that is considered our teacher's day.

In my own interpretation, Teacher's day meant to be the day teacher get appreciation from their students. It is supposed to be a day full of enjoyment and happiness. Unfortunately, that wasn't happened in my school. For god sake, 16th May is on Friday and why on Earth we have to wait until 23rd just to celebrate? Dah basilah! And even worst, they only give us 3 hours to celebrate, makan2 and all. After that, students need to go back to their class and teaching/learning session as usual. Oh, crap!

By the way, whatever it is, I won't be around on that day. Already asked for Cuti Rehat Khas and was approved by my Boss. Yeay! I rather celebrate teacher's day in my own way. About the unhappy celebration for Teacher's Day at my school, I don't give a F***.

P/S: My wedding give has arrived. Thank you, Ayah! *muacks!*

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