13 July 2014

Happy Bornday!

Hello, everyone! Today is my birthday. Since I am going back in the morning and we are fasting, husband prepares surprise a day before during our break fast *happy as a clam*. He even wrote me cards. The celebrations were combination of our Anniversary and my Birthday. So I get 2 cards! *overwhelming* He even bought me roses. Can you believe it??? *By the way, he didn't buy it but ask Miza (one of my friend) to help him.

Husband can be so sweet at certain time. *Rolling eyes* I was speechless yesterday. I didn't expect anything! Million thanks husband for his effort and time to make me feel appreciated. May our love will be last forever till Jannah. You will always be my lifelong partner, my buddy, my best friend, my souldmate, and my partner in crime. Whatever happen in our life, I pray that you will stay. #ILYTJ :)

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