04 July 2014

Checklist For The Next Trip!

WHERE TO? *top secret!*
Last minutes plan! Oh my, Ayah! My Dad is always like that. Diam2 je then all of sudden... So we will be celebrating Eid Mubarak somewhere not in Malaysia! Since tempat kitorang nak pergi ni tengah summer, so tak payah berat2 bawak winter coat *Clue! Clue!*
Kalau dulu pergi mana2 checklist untuk sorang, sekarang checklist untuk barang Hubby pon perlu,okay!

-Money (Euro)
-Credit Card

-Baju Raya!
-Light sweater
-Swim suit

-Milo 3 in 1
-Universal Adaptor
-Phone charger
-Sunblock/lip balm
-Water bottle
-Make up
-Chilli Sauce : Due to some reading, people there love to eat food without sauce

Done! Lets start counting days!

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