12 January 2009


Go to class late, sleep late, wake up late, everything is late. I were one of them during my shitty foundation year. Troublemaker, escapee and other problems were synonyms with my name. But human do change. Slowly, I changed to be a better person when I did my first semester(first year degree). Hardly, I reduced the number of class that I escape. Maybe I started to realize this kind of habit was not a good characteristic of a future teacher. However, other latecomers in my class seems like they want remain as the latecomers forever. They do not want to change even now we are in our second semester. I admitted that they had a good result even they played truant so many times. I want them to realize that the latecomers is actually disturbing others life. They never listen to other people's advice even it is from our lecturer. Warning letter also cannot work. I think they had a bunch of warning letter in their room.
If they arrive late, they will do many possible trouble. For example, when the lecturer is lecturing, one person occasionally come and being late, she/he have to stop the learning session for a while just to 'entertain' the latecomer. Others will dribble with them. What a waste, right? When I was a latecomer, I never thought I was putting annoyed feeling to others. You will realize it only when you become a normal person. In my opinion, being late for sometimes is okay. Human make mistakes and I am very sure everybody can forgive you if you just being late once in a month. But not for several times! They will start to think that you are irritating person. How come everyone else can make it to class on 7.30am but you are not? Do you have any specialty? I do not think so. For all the latecomers, go back and think about it. You want others to like you, then you have to stop doing your bad habit. Manage your time properly. Wake up early, make your Subuh prayer and come to class on time is what a good student do. Try it for a week and I am sure you will happy for it and would not be latecomers again. Ever.


Anonymous said...

eleh, betul ke ikhlas berubah tu, cakap kat orang macamla kau tu bagus sangat. betul-betul berubah sebab memang nak berubah ke or sebab takut kantoi dengan bapak kau, pastu tak dapat kereta, pastu mulala sibuk nak menipu sana sini..gelabah habis

Anonymous said...

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