11 January 2009

Dalam Hati Ada Taman 2

Can I tell you
That I love you very much
From the first time we met again
Can I tell you
That I love you very much
Because all I can think about now is you

Don't go
Don't fade away
Don't dare to take your love from me
I don't wish for all of you
But I just want to give you
All of me

I know I can't be with you now
But I let my heart be with you all the time
We have always been like this
Waiting for each other
Waiting for love
Waiting for our moments

You are the one
Who has changed me
Who has become the love of my life
Who love me as I am
Who has take my heart
And the one that I love very much



Litt[L]E`StAr said...

Semoge Berbahagie sampai anak cucu...

Raihanna said...

aya2.. aq tag ko...ekekeke..bace blog aq

Suraya Nordin said...

Little Star:

Aku dah jawab dah... Huhu...
Len kali tag soalan pendek2 sket. hehehe