06 December 2010

Mango oh Mango.

Ref: 31000584

Mango trench coat is awesome! The black one is available at all Mango's store (I have checked!!!). I want to have one. But so many things to fulfill in my wish list. Plus, the coat cost MYR545. I wish I have tons of money so I can buy anything I want. Damn you! Why you are sitting there looking so stunning. OMG! I have to prevent myself from going to Mango's shop. Oh please! Don't let me go there. Otherwise... Don't! Don't! For the sake of my money and my future! (exaggerate). Well, I don't have any plan to go to oversea for the time being but you know, I just feel like buying. Oh, my! Oh, my! Its so adorable! You are agree with me, don't you? No. No. No. You don't have a choice. You have to agree!