07 December 2010


I truly love you
But what's happening right now can't get me through
It's really hard for me to get off with you
But I know this might be good for me and you
I love you but I have to

I want to set you free
Wishing you will be happy
I realized that you are no longer pleased with me
With halfhearted I let it be

Even-though it hurts, I have to say good-bye
It hurt so much I could die
But don't worry I am no longer cry
Don't ask cause I don't know why

I am always here for you
Maybe not as your close friend but whatever titles you want to
Its really hard for me to live without you
But I know someday you will MISS ME TOO...


Anonymous said...

erk!!!!yang!!nape nk say GOOD BYE pulak!!!xsuke xsuke xsuke..kate nk berusaha...xmo la give up cepat sgt....

Anonymous said...

yeah sure..letting go is d best resolution whenever we're hurt..not 2 b taken as we gave up or so, juz by doing so, it helps in lifting some burden out..sure, out der masih ada yg syang..kisah yg berlaku akan mengajar kita lebih menghargai apa yg kita ada..not trying 2 b saint or whatsoever, but remember, being drowned in one failure will hurt person dat luv us..sbb mereka sangka kehadiran mereka tak mencukupi..