26 September 2011

School Based Experience (SBE) Day 1

Here we are, time for reflection of the day. Today was my first day at school as TEACHER to be. Its kind of weird, you know. In this training institute, all students have to go to experience school at least once before they go for their practicum. And today, early in the morning, all the TESLian Cohort5 went separately to their schools. I kind of miss you guys...

Earlier in the morning, my block was ran out of water. We have to go to the mosque to take shower as early as 5.30am. It was so difficult to get up at early as that especially when the morning was wet. Its kind of funny taking shower at the mosque. I feel like I'm one of the nomad/homeless people. LOL!

Put on some make up, wear nice Baju Kurung, and okay! I'm ready for school, SMK Tasek Utara. At school, I mingle around with sleepy head because I didn't have a good sleep last night. I got shock every time the school bell ringing. The sound is so disturbance and irritates me so much. We got boring lepaking at the staff room, then we went to canteen and taking breakfast. My friend and me spend almost 2 hours there, and we only go back to the staff room after we feel uncomfortable. (Because other teacher keep looking at us because we remain there for too long maybe) Hahaha.

Got nothing to do, my friend and I try to finish our task by collecting information about the school, having conversation with dicipline teacher En Jasni/Kpt Jasni, GPK 1 and GPK HEM. We went twice to the canteen because it was so boring and sleepy and we got nothing to do other than eating.

At 12 o'clock, I cannot bear the nuisance anymore. My friend and I sneaked out for a while and go back to the hostel. Luckily, the water is back and I got to wash out my clothes while waiting for 2.20pm to go back to school and sign the lock book.

As a conclusion: Im bored to death.

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