28 September 2011

SBE Day 3.

Early in the morning, as usual, we got nothing to do. I felt so boring and luckily, today the school got co-curriculum closing ceremony and I went to the hall to help other teachers in decoration the hall. Better help them then mingle around in the staff room doing nothing.

Today we have an opportunity to enter classroom, see how real teacher teach and help the students to write a speech about the benefit of internet. I kind of like dealing with students. I am so happy when one of them said, "Cikgu ni ajar lagi bestlah..." *Wink*

I miss home. I miss my Mak, Ayah, and Hadi so much. I miss Abang too... Its been a long time since the last time I spent time with them. I want to go back. I want to meet my family and Abang. I'm counting every days and hours to go back home.

This weekend, my childhood BFF, Ayang, will get engaged. I can't wait to meet her and spent time with her. Yeah. Sort of excited about it. Hope Abang can come during Ayang's engagement day so that I can introduce him to Wan, my beloved maternal grandma.

I'm currently not happy. Homesick. (T_T)

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