07 November 2010

My Dream Phone

Blackberry Bold 9780

This is my dream phone. Why I choose blackberry? The first thing is I desperately need a new phone cause I already broke my late Sony Ericsson (T_T) . Besides, it almost 2years++ and I never change my phone. Kind of achievement I can say. I'm really tired with touch screen phone so I need phone with key pad. I don't really mind whether its qwerty or the normal one as long as it has keypad. So that is why I choose Blackberry over iphone. The other reason? BB Bold 9780 camera is 5.1 mp which is higher resolution than my late Sony. I'm waiting for BB Bold and hoping that it will be launched in Malaysia.

Once BB Bold 9780 is out I'll quickly go and buy it cause one of my friend said that the company only release 20 million of this product. (and everyone knows he's lying except for me!) (-.-)

I pray that my wish will come true and I can hold BB Bold 9780 one day.



Memer said...

Bila dia launch ek? Nak kumpul duit jgak ni! hahaahaha

Olive said...

Search kata november ni tp tak tau la.hope btol la.woot! woot!

Memer said...

ok set,kita tunggu sama2 k,woot woot

Memer said...

Aya,hp ni dah kuar,jom beli!!!!

Olive said...

tauuu!!! i was thinkin bout goin to celcom klcc tomorrow.lalala~~~