08 November 2010

I feel betrayed.

When you tell somebody your story and hope that person will keep it for you then the other day you know that everyone knows about it, how would you feel? Yeah. Disappointed and regret. There's no other word can describe those feeling right now but some how, lets gone be by gone. Maybe its my fault too. I thought I could trust that person when I actually not. I just have to be more careful in future. I realize that in this world, its not easy to find someone you can trust. If you find one, you are consider lucky. At this very moment, I found three. c(=


Jalak Lenteng said...

abg ilang laptop ader....haha

cik bear said...

no need to worry bout the past as it will haunt u forever if u still hold on to it, it`s just another past lesson to have a better tomorrow, others can say anything but they just can say it as if they are the saint super duper cute angel, hahaha :D, ya right, we know it better~