11 December 2011

Meet My Future Family.

Today, my family and I went to Popeye's home town to attend his cousin's wedding. Of course Popeye can't join us because as a dutiful officer, he has to perform his job. I miss him but it's okay I'm getting use to it.

His family is so generous. I LOVE THEM at the first glance. They treated us so good with a lot of food and fruits and before we went back, they gave us goodies which had a lot of yummy food inside. His uncle was funny, he can speak English (this surprises me) and tells a good joke that make everyone laugh. Popeye dad is such a dear man and his mom is adorable woman. The whole family is just so sweet and my mom loves them too :)

They were discussing about our marriage, how the ceremony is going to be, touch a little bit about reception and about other things, they left it to Popeye and me to decide whatever we wants. Aren't they just very good indeed? Definitely. Popeye's Dad and his uncle is going to arrange and do some booking for the hotel rooms and hall for the reception ceremony on Popeye's side. *wink*

When I arrived there, I was so nervous, my heart beat is rapidly increased I thought that my heart is going to pop out or at least explode! Seriously I even shiver. Damn it. If Popeye knew this, he will surely make fun of it! *so just let it be our secret, huh?*

Before we went back, Popeye's Mom gave me souvenir from Sabah. (like she always did). So sweet of her, right? I know. They gave me things for Popeye too just incase they unable to meet Popeye regarding of his busy schedule. *pity him*

I just pray that everything will go smoothly as everyone hope because I will definitely won't let them down.

What a good day. Goodnight.

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