18 April 2011

Sometimes It Just Wasn't Me.

Just ignore the picture. Its just out of topic. Hehe. Here, I want to talk about me, myself. In this life, I have done a lot of things that make my parents unhappy. I neglected them so many time as I am the most stubborn person you will ever meet. Those days was the worst of me. As I grew up and become more mature, I learn to be their best friend, learn from mistakes. I believe, they learn it too. Because of those stupid all days, I made promise to myself I won't let them down. Not anymore.
Therefore, even-though there are something I want most, I will put it behind, and go with their choices. Their advices, opinions, and what they want are what I count most now as they are more important than mine. I believe all parents out there wishing and praying that their daughter/son will only have nothing but the best thing. Same goes with mine. I hope this is not the mistake. They never force me to take their advice but I'm just too tired to refuse them. Above all, I don't want to hurt them. Not anymore...

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Sporadic Blogger said...

Aya...it sometimes happens,those times that we might have hurt those who are close to our hearts.those were Dark Times.. Now that u are aware with all this,ul b a gr8 daughter/child.Don't worry,i bet your parents are happy having you as their beautiful daughter :)