19 April 2011

He Drew Me.

This picture was drawn by him 3 years ago. He has no guts to give it to me so he only gave it to me on 9th April 2011. You can see he wrote the date and time he started to draw until he finished it. He told me he waited for 3 years because he was afraid I can't recognise me, in the picture. (-.-)
"Abang tak mampu lukis perfect macam yang real..." *nangis...*
Yeah. I was crying when I first saw this picture. I'm so touch. I always asked him to draw me but he gave thousand reason not to while he actually already done that long time ago. (T_T)
He said, after he drew this picture, he draws no more. *terharu lagi*
I almost forgot about how creative he was, back to those old days. He was sending his pieces to Gempak and they published it!
He just being sweet the way he is. Love you, Abang.