15 March 2011

Ruang Rindu...

I was driving back to college when the DJ played this song. It was so fascinating. I remembered that one time we was crazy about this song. Back in 2007, in the month of August, our first month together as a couple. We played this song again, again and again. Up until now, when I heard the lyrics, I'm surprise that I still can feel those feeling deep inside me. I wish you will reach Malaysia safely. May God be with you and bless you always. I never forget to pray for you in my Solat. I have been worrying about you since like forever. I hope sea will never do harm to you and your team. Even-though you are always nag nag nag like Pak Cik, believe it or not, I miss it! Haha. Although I keep saying Okay-Okay-Okay, I will do this, I will do that, as you wish bla3, but you know, sometime I don't. Like you always said 'degil sejak azali'. I'm sorry for that. I'm bad. Yeah. Really bad. But...I miss you, you know?

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