07 March 2011

BB and BB.

First I want to talk about BB a.k.a Popeye. He finally arrived at Karachi (I don't know where the exact place, Hanif Ismail told me about this Karachi since Popeye only said he went to Pakistan). After 10 days of sailing, he finally can see the land! I'm happy for him. Sure he faced a lot of pressure during work. I'm not so worry since he's a lieutenant now. At least he got others to bully instead of being bullied by others.

Okay enough about Popeye. I want to talk about my beloved BB-Blackberry. Lalala~

So many people ask me whether I really comfortable with my BB? The answer is OF-COURSE! I have been craving so long for this BB to be mine, okay! Am I satisfied with my BB? Definitely. I never use BB before but I love it since the first time I hold mine. Ouch. So touching (T_T).

I know some might think iphone is more suitable for young people nowadays. But I have my own opinion. I'm freaking tired with touch screen phone. Seriously. I'm not kinda good in taking care of my belonging so I need phone that can survive with me for a long time. I'm afraid me and touch screen phone are too sensitive to be together. LOL!

Whether I like my BB or not? I like it so much! Really! Absolutely! Never thought BB can be as cool as this. Okay. Enough for today. Still have not got enough sleep. Stay up all night doing the assignment. (@_@)

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