01 July 2012

Welcoming July-Month of Happiness (^_^)

Okay, I'm freaking excited to be bride in 4 more days!
Okay. Stop talking about excitement.

Actually I'm writing this entry because...
I miss my girlfriends so much
I miss the gossip session we had
I miss the big laugh we shared
I miss the moments we got scolded by the warden
I miss stayed up until morning finishing our work together
I miss being dirty pervert :P
I miss all those memories
Never thought I'm so going to miss all those things like this.
I am not so close with you guys but somehow I think this semester did bring us together.

Miss you Juni-Lia-Tasha :)

1 comment:

Natasha Basok said...

Aaaaa..memories r not to be buried.who say marriage stops friendship?? NEVER! :D