26 July 2012

Marriage Life

Dear Husband,
You make me happier than I ever thought I could be and if you let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way.
-Your Beautiful Lighthouse Keeper-

Most of my friends ask about my marriage life. How is it? Am I enjoying it? Let me share with you how I feel here. Not all but maybe piece of it :)

My marriage is beautiful, full of love. Sometimes I will be mad at him (because he could not stop smoking!) but at the end of the day, its his arm I'm searching for to cuddle all night long. I love my blog but I love my life even more, so I rarely turn on my modem and blogging unless I'm bored waiting for him to come home.

When we was in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, I know I love him. I will always love him but how I feel towards him after our marriage is totally different. We both agree, only if we know that marriage life is like this, we surely will decide to get married earlier.

I love to see his smile. Even after a long day at work and fasting, he still smile at me when he arrive home. Tomorrow, he will send me back at my parents home as he will be going to Lumut on Sunday. I know I will miss him. I know this long distance marriage will be very difficult to both parties, but deep inside my heart I know we will survive because our love conquer it all.


Anonymous said...

I am happy for you girl. XD

-izyana azis-

Suraya Nordin said...

thanks mang! <3

azizah :) said...

^____^ sweet :)

Suraya Nordin said...

Thanks Jijah :)

ayut said...

hihihi..eh?jijah dh dtg dulu la.. :) happy for suraya.hope everything akan sentiasa dimudahkan dan berbahagia slalu..g lumut ea?nnt blh jmpe 'b' ayut. :p

Suraya Nordin said...

hihihi.thanks Ayut. x g lumut la husband sy keje kat mindef...pasni myb duk kl InsyaAllah kalo dpt rumah.huhu

Anonymous said...

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