07 January 2015

How To Hold Your Foldable Bag And Keep It In Shape

Hi, everyone!
I believe all of you have handbags? What happen when you bag is foldable where it is not supposed to. It will irritate you to the max, right?  Longchamp is another story. So I have these kind of bags, I love it but it always not in shape.

My bag is exactly like this one

Because it is soft leather, it easily become out of shape when I wear it. But I don't want to waste my money by buying online bag shaper cause I have a lot of bags and it will cost me lots of money. So while I was reading reviews about bags, I came across this suggestion to make you own bag shaper. You can go to youtube and google it up. I google bag shaper and found this. A smarter way to keep my bag in shape. I will definitely going to DIY this using the chopping mate! Will update you my DIY bag shaper later. You can try this too. Just come across this idea. Daa~