28 October 2013

Tribute to My Late Mother In Law (6th March 1962-11th September 2013)

I only got chance to know Mum for only 1 year and 4 months. Few months after we got married, she was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer. It is a rare cancer to adults, for accounting 1% of all adult cancer. However, it came and hit Mum. How to describe Mum? Mum was a devoted person to her family, didn't talk much, an observant and of course caring. Mum was a good cook too. Her talent lies in cooking. Mum can make the best 'Ikan Bakar' that I ever tasted. Now when Mum was not here anymore, everybody talks about her food.

Mum was always concern about my husband. Usually, instead of calling her own son, Mum will call me. We talked about everything for hours. My husband also wondered why his Mum only took few minutes when she called him. 

We never had problem. Mum always came with her consideration. I always heard people complain about their MIL and how they hate them. I guess I'm just lucky because I never face that kind of situation. We talked once a week and texted each other when we were free. I always thank god to be given her as MIL.

On the night Mum passed away, when I packed her things with my SIL, I found the Baju Kurung that I gave her last year. My SIL told me that Baju Kurung had been her favourite like forever. I was startled and moved. The mixed feeling made me cry. We both cried that night.

I'm deeply saddened that we didn't have the chance to spend more time together. I wished I had the courage to tell her that I love her when she was still alive. Appreciate your MIL when you still have one. Mum, you will never be replaced :'(


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