24 January 2013

His Sweet Surprise.

As usual, Wednesday will always be the most tiring day of the week. This week our school held cross country so teacher can only go back at 5.30 (-.-). I'm craving for fried chicken so I went to a Night Market near my school. Suddenly my mother called and asked me to go back as she wanted to go out and buy some stuff. Its kind of weird because my mom doesn't usually like the idea of going shopping at 6 o'clock in the evening! However, I said I would be accompanying her but she had to wait.

Rushing back home, I arrived at 6.20pm. I asked Bibik to take my things and tell my mom that I was waiting for her in the car. But Bibik was so slow! So I went in to call my mom and TAARAA. I saw AGS **** on the front porch. OMG! That's Hubby's car. Why it was there...???

Then only he and mom came out. I was like... Homaigod! Homaigod! I have been missing him so much! And I know he miss me too. He has been busy for few weeks. Neverending plans in his schedule. Feel like want to hug him tight but of-course not in front of my mom. Ha ha! Just now he BBMed me like nothing happen and suddenly TAARAA!

Thank you Hubby for your Sweet Surprise. I love you so much!

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