12 January 2013

Good Morning MADAM!

As I welcoming the 2013, that means I am also saying goodbye to school holiday, saying goodbye our sweet heaven, and the hardest part is saying goodbye for a while to Hubby. Till we meet again. (up until now, 13 days have gone and we haven't got chance to meet). Missing him badly but I will survive, of course!

Okay, let us back to our title. Aha! Interesting, huh? New year means new routine. Get back to school and tons of work awaits! So here are Madam Aya's schedule of the week! Lets break a leg! 

Students in rural area, how to say? They are so polite and obedient (or at least they seems to act like that). I am happy with this school (finally!). After 3 months of whining, complaining to my devoted listener (really?), my Hubby! Finally I can come back home and tell him about good stories at home. What a relief...

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