01 May 2011


Here, I want to talk about moody=sulky=emotional volatile and what ever bloody definition it has. Actually I just want to express my feeling/angriness about that title. You know, I think a moody person, to be specific, a moody man is bloody irritating. Why on earth a man, who is supposed to be strong, masculine, husky but appear to be emotional like a girl. I CAN'T RESIST that. I found it is really annoying!

I understand he might want to get my attention but that seriously not a good way. To be frank, a very bad one indeed. Please. Please stop being childish and sulk because of something irrelevant. It's a very lame way to attract others' attention! I hate people with this kind of attitude, you know. No matter what gender you are. Its just too much. Please be mature and stop being moody because of silly things. Why above all, you choose to make me miserable because of your attitude? I don't like it, you know. I want you to grow up, act like a mature man, think like one. You want me to change, to be more mature but you should look at yourself in the mirror!

I know this post might hurt you since you have been terribly sensitive since forever. But that's how I feel!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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