19 December 2013

My Future Step-Mother In Law.

Kau hado?

Nowadays, I'm kind of lazy to update my blog. Sigh. From January until now only few entries posted and I only write to polish my writing skill. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Here is other uninteresting story...

When I tweeted "Going out with my future mother in law." My friend was puzzled! Lol. She thought something fishy is going on. Well, actually nothing much. My Hubby and I was going out with an Auntie called Mak Cik Ziah. It seems like my FIL is going to remarry so that was kind of ice breaking session with her.

I am glad he finds his soulmate but I could never forget my late MIL :(
I miss her and although we allow our father to remarry, deep in our heart, Mak cannot be replaced. But we also want the best for our father. He is happier than before. That is more than enough for 3 of us. I hope Mak Cik Ziah will bring happiness in our father's life. We want nothing but his happiness.

I asked my husband, 'Did you miss Mak?'.
He answered, 'Ofcourse. I think about her evertime.'
I miss her too :(

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