22 November 2013

Ill-Mannered People Are Everywhere.

And they are sickening!

OMG. I keep on coming with annoying topic lately. Maybe I should start to post knowledgable entries after this! Ha Ha. Sorry readers. I only blog when I am not in a good state of mind. Em, whatever. This entry doesn't mean to teach you how to be well-mannered but it is just come from my humble opinion.

When you are attending a ceremony/feast, you always come with hope that you will greet with warm welcome from the host, right? What happen was, the host was so friendly, kind-hearted woman. It was very unfortunate that one of her relative wasn't! I think it was not nice at all to warn you guest who come to attend your feast. Its annoy me so much. Maybe you can remind them but using the right intonation?

I don't think it was my mistake, okay. They don't prepare either the cutleries or the portable sink and then when I wash my hand using the rubber pipe in the basin, one of the stupid relatives told me "Boleh tak jangan lecakkan tempat ni". When the host hear it, she said "Boleh. Boleh blah kan!" I don't replied to either of them but deep inside my heart, I was like "Eh, hello!" I wasn't as stupid as u to wet your lawn. Ops. Not her lawn. Her relative's.

You know it is kind of rude to treat you guest that way. After that, I straight away went home. What to wait for, right? Another warning? Huh!

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