23 June 2011

Welcome Back To This Hell!

Hi y'all! I can't get the stable connection here in so-called beloved IPGKTI(Please google for further info) since I hate to explain about this place as I hate to be here. Back to where we belong is really hard. This is where the real teachers are come from. The place where excellent teachers are born. Not different from school environment, we have been treated here more like 'budak sekolah'. Boring? Its bore me to death! I love JB's food. The food was good, I have a lot of place to go to eat but when it comes to shopping, how can I say? 5/10 maybe? Yeah. KL is much better. But what to do? I'm going to stuck here for at least one year before graduate. God, please help me to bear this.

There is no good news since I registered here except for I felt damn boring. Only because I have good people around me, such as my course-mate, I can hold up and adapt my life here. Without them, it will be more than worst! :)
Feels like I want to go back every week! I'm not in the mood to study actually but I have one more year to go. I wish and pray that I'll be strong enough to live here. I miss UPM. I miss my home. I miss Mak. I miss Ayah. I miss Hadi. I miss You! (T_T)

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ezham said...

rileks2 saja. setahun tak lama. pejam celik pejam celik dah abissss.