26 April 2010

I Miss You, Blog.

When I stop writing my blog, that means either I am busy or I am fulfilling my real life with so much of fun. I am not a good writer though. From the 30% of my writing marks, I just got 27 while others are mostly 30/30. My blog is simply about my thought, my life, my experience and my love story. Other than that, I don't know. For me, good writer can always put their feet in other's shoes, feel empathy towards others and (i don't know what other criteria). For whatever reason, writing will never suit me. Why I have to put my life in someone else shoes when I already feel very comfortable with mine? So, I guess writing and I, we are not meant to be.

Why I write here now? At this time? It's simply because I have so much free time. Just let me write whatever I want, okay.

(I am starving)

So that's it. I need food. Bye!

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