19 January 2016

Lazy Me!

I have been busy and lazy to write here. Too many draft, too little post. Should I shut this blog?

23 September 2015

Bought My New Boots

Of course I do it behind his back (AGAIN). I am really sorry My Hubby. I just can't hold it when the PS (Personal Shopper) show me those pictures. You know how much I love boots, right. Plus, it was so beautiful hanging there (In the real picture. This picture here was just an example i took from the internet). With all those stylish tassel, how can I say NO? The word just not in my dictionary. OMG. As you know Hubs, Italy is my dream city. I always love Italy, you know that too, right? So buy buying this boots make me feel somehow connected to Italy.  Yes, wearing a part of it. Its like you buy the boots first, later when the right time come, you'll get a chance to explore the city, bring the boots back. Yeah, something like that. So I guess that is all for tonight. And I am sorry for not telling me the price of the LV too, and the Jovians, and the new handbags I bought, and the Pandora I secretly bought, and this and that and I plan to buy the maroon winter jacket. Better not to list it down here (for my own safety-from being scolded by you. Ouch. Takut.).After months, here I come, guilty as charge. Writing my blog again.

Guilty Love,
Your wife.

Ps: Thanks and creadit to my ps Kak As Galeria BE & Kak Susan Chena. Both of you are great!

Wide Shawl Style For Hijabstas (This is a Sponsored Post)


Everyone knows that the fashion industry in Malaysia has been focusing on the Islamic fashion trends especially for women. For the ladies who are looking for the perfect hijab look to wear with thei outfits can opt for the lovely wide shawls. Wide shawls have the modest touch and women can attempt any style they like with it. If you have no idea how pull off a wide shawl look successfully with the current trend, take a look at these three wide shawl styles perfect for the hijabistas.

1.     Flower crown
The flower crown trend has seen a comeback since last year and hijabistas are rocking it at weddings, girl’s day out and important occasions. Accessorize your wide shawls by wearing a flower crown top and you will definitely have a sweet feminine look. Make sure you wear a plain wide shawl to perfectly balance the flower crown look. Have fun and reveal that soft innocence of your with this trendy hijab style.

2.     Statement necklace
Meanwhile if you prefer to look more glamourous, you can always spice up you wide shawls with a nice statement necklace. Statement necklaces will absolutely enhance your simple look into a more improved touch. Flaunt this look to work, dinner parties or formal events and feel confident all day long. Besides that, this hijab look definitely shoes off your sophisticated mature side effortlessly.

3.     Headpiece

Other than that, you can always be a little daring by matching your wide shawl look with a pretty headpiece. It serves the same purpose as a flower crown but provide women a more exclusive look. The headpieces are great for hijabistas to wear to important occasions especially if you want to have that Egyptian element to your look. Rock it with confidence and be the center of attention.

17 February 2015

Overwhelmed With Surprises!

My cousin had a son.
The other cousin is expecting one.
Step MIL is expecting mom too.
My BFFs are going to have kids before the end of the year.
My friends got engage! This is unbelievable truth!
TESL Bro is getting married.
One of the teacher in my school not-so-close-witch-I-hate-most got transferred!
I am sincerely happy for them.

Life at work is tougher than ever.
But this year, those kids are so obedient and easy to control.
They make me fall in love with teaching world.
For the first time ever.
I love you kids.
May Allah easy your journey towards the end.

02 February 2015

Welcoming Month of Love

Without my lover by my side. *sadis*
So, here we go. He finally sails away. Tata, Hubby! *wiping my tears*
Wow. Tough enough. Usually he'll be the one who will listen to all my whining and nagging but not in these few days. It will take him few days until he reaches his destination. *tsk! tsk! tsk!*
See you next month, Hubs!